Many news articles this week reported on the dramatic rise in self-harm as published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal.

When thinking about the reasons why, I remembered self-harm statistics in the Oxfordshire JSNA on Mental Health. (page 18).  Although Oxfordshire's rates of hospital admissions for self-harm have been significantly lower than England, they are now no longer significantly different.  More importantly, the JSNA notes that the rates in Oxford City are significantly higher than Oxfordshire as a whole. This may be due to the presence of areas of deprivation...".  And the two wards with the highest rates were the deprived areas of Northfield Brook and Blackbird Leys.

Emma Thomas, CEO of YoungMinds, said childhood poverty, neglect and abuse, exam pressures, bullying using social media and increasing concerns over body image were driving up rates of self-harm.

It would be interesting to analyse the data further.  Is the rise occurring across the country due predominantly to the newer problems related to social media?  Or is a greater proportion of this rise linked to austerity and deprivation?