How can Oxfordshire work together to recover and rebuild after Covid-19? How can we prepare for what comes ahead? How can we use relationships and share power to create social change? 

These are the things we are talking about at Marmalade 2021, taking place 12 – 16 April 2021. Marmalade 2021 is bringing back the serendipity that we have lost over the last year, and will help you make new connections. 

It’s different from the conference you’re used to. We’re working with social change organisations to pair people up to talk about the big social change questions of the moment. 

No big conference rooms, no 100-people webinars. Just you, a new acquaintance, and an enriching, meaningful discussion. In person (outdoors, adhering to restrictions) or over Zoom. Whatever works for you. 

If you are interested in being part of the conversation, you can register before the 30th of March

This is how Marmalade 2021 works in five easy steps: 

  1. You fill in the form to let us know what conversation you’d like to have
  2. We pair you up with someone whose interests complement yours 
  3. The two of you pick up (or receive by post) a goodie-bag from the Old Fire Station to prompt your conversation, and have your conversation.  
  4. You let us know what you discussed, what conclusions you came to, what questions you answered.  
  5. And we create a Marmalade Recipe Book to share what everyone has learned. 

All walks will take place at Christ Church Meadows in Oxford and all virtual conversations will take place via Zoom. 

Before Marmalade, we will be collecting recipes - for mouth-watering orange-themed treats, or for different ways of working. My favourite so far comes from our colleague Katharine, all the way from Scotland via her granny's friend Bina - if you have a favourite orange-themed recipe, or a recipe for social change, send it to us and we’ll publish them on the website.