I've started sharing a link at meetings that enables people to book a slot in my calendar. It's a straightforward way for me to try and connect with and learn from a broad range of people and organisations who are doing good work locally. While I spend (too) much of my life in meetings, it is often with a similar array of people and partners. I value these relationships hugely but am also very aware that there are a huge number of fantastic organisations and people in the local sector which was, for me, one of the attractions of the job.

So, over the last couple of weeks I have in depth conversations with some great people. A few examples are:

  • Clare Cook at Soundabout who use singing and music to enhance the lives of people with learning disabilities - the power of music and their collective ability to adapt to having a shared experience through Zoom was powerful.
  • Hadi Nuri of Syrcox who have been providing support to local communities through the pandemic - the importance he placed on ensuring that they worked to support the whole community and not just the Syrian community in their local area was uplifting.
  • Gita Lobo of Autism Family Support Oxfordshire - who provide services and support for children and young people with autism - they reach thousands of families across the county and have ambitious plans to do more with amazing energy and warmth.
  • Bryan Michell of My Life My Choice - who are run by and for people with learning disabilities - their focus on ensuring that people with direct experience of the issues have power and control as well as the ability to lead rich and fulfilling lives was heart-warming.

All of the above organisations are doing great work and all are led by wonderful, passionate, professional people. I hope to have many more conversations with people who are closer to the front line and the real issues. If that might be you then please click on the link below and book a slot. You will be helping me do my job with the energy and passion I need to do it well.


Gita said "I was meaning to meet with Adrian… so when I saw his calendly link it was perfect and easy to choose a slot and book a meeting.  "