It was never going to be easy to bring my time as CEO at OCF to a close, the community foundation world has played such a big part in my life during the past ten years that I can't even begin to process it all let alone consider what I am going to do next.  

Perhaps not surprising when my more immediate reality is what to write given the somewhat impossible task of being able to thank and catch up with everyone before I leave, not least my awesome team and trustees. 

However, what I do know is that today will be one filled with many emotions, but I have absolutely no intentions of apologising for any of these!  Instead I have decided on a plan to constantly remind myself to breathe and to believe that tears are simply the words you cannot find in the moment. 

I have been truly blessed to have this opportunity and the privilege of meeting and enjoying the company of so many inspiring people who will probably never know how they have each in their own little way had an impact and influenced the person I now see reflected in the mirror.  All these shared experiences leave me feeling incredibly humbled by the generosity, friendship, compassion and sheer determination that I have seen close up but most importantly fill me full of hope for the future.  

My continuing ambition for OCF, is for it to become an even louder beating heart of a collective commitment to our common good; driving a universally shared responsibility to address the injustices and social inequalities that make life so difficult and disadvantaged for far too many both locally and globally. 

I have always believed now is the time, yet it does seem there has never been a greater opportunity for Community Foundations to be joining up the dots and leading ambitious collaborations across places and communities.  

And where better to continue this than here in Oxfordshire and to build on the progress and legacy of Oxfordshire Community Foundation. 2020 was always going to be a special year for OCF, one in which the organisation would be celebrating its 25th anniversary and when the current High of Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Amanda Ponsonby would become ever more closely involved in our work and the power of community having chosen OCF as her charitable cause for her shrieval year.

From a purely personal perspective, I would like to think that whilst I am saying goodbye, there might still be an occasion soon for a celebration of everything that OCF has achieved thus far and to say a huge thank you from me for all your support and interest throughout the last ten years. 

I simply cannot express my appreciation and how touched I have been by all your kind words and best wishes for future.  So for now I shall just look forward to raising a glass to our paths continuing to cross.

Jayne, 07775 625942