I have just signed this petition on Charge.org and reading the thread of comments I am feeling heartened by the number of compassionate people that also seem to feel that we need to stop thinking of ourselves and become part of the solution to solve some of the social problems we see around us.

Indeed I believe this whole issue resonates with something Danny Dorling discussed at the Blackwell's Empathy Festival that I attended this week and his latest book Why social inequality still persists - http://www.thebookseller.com/news/blackwells-oxford-holds-empathy-festival .. Danny suggested we all need to start taking others to account when we hear or see examples that suggest their empathy switch seems to be turned off. Like Danny, I too have hope that there are still more of us who care for the common good and who find purpose in helping others than those who don't.

However, what society really needs most right now is to hear our collective voice like never before.