It's not every day the organisation you work for gets a rallying call in the House of Lords, but then again not everyone has the privilege of being on the inside of a best kept secret that being - UK Community Foundations.

Baroness Prashar is well placed and passionate to talk about our movement and the impact of what we do. Yet whilst our collective figures are impressive (£65 million in grants to community-led organisations, 21,000 grants, and have half a billion pounds in endowment funds) what really sets us apart is our unique ability to bring together donors and doers to support local communities to meet local needs. As the Baroness so rightly pointed out we're all "about building local social capital, inclusiveness, investing in local communities, empowering local communities and valuing community-led solutions to local issues.

At the end of last year, when talking about community foundations, Mark Carney said:

“Community foundations are helping to deliver a more inclusive capitalism, one in which individual virtue and collective prosperity can flourish”.

Now I think that's something to shout about and yet another reason why I too take great pride in and cherish the opportunity I have to ensure the Oxfordshire Community Foundation's existence and that of all the other 47 Community Foundations around the UK no longer remain a secret.