Just attended a screening this evening of a film produced here in Oxfordshire to raise awareness of all the local charities and agencies working collaboratively to support those who for many and various reasons find themselves homeless and without safe and stable shelter.

It seemed to me the over riding ambition for the film has to be to break down the myths associated with homelessness and not to assume that the situation can simply be sorted by providing more affordable housing which appears to the approach to be adopted by the government's recent announcement. Like most social challenges we face homelessness is complex and cannot simply be fixed with a single option approach although, that's not to say we need more of those too and there is definitely a lot more we could all be doing to help.

Therefore, I was delighted to learn last week of one such practical solution that Starbucks has considered in offering its employees interest free loans to meet the rising cost of rental deposits which now average £1,226. Definitely an indication that maybe there is growing awareness on this whole issue and a more worthy, interesting and socially acceptable initiative from an organisation whose previous record for corporate responsibility was badly damaged in 2012 by royalty payments to a sister company that significantly reduced its UK corporation tax bill.