I bought my copy of the Big Issue today and was shocked by a map of London showing the route of the Number 25 bus.  The headline stated that this was the busiest route for rough sleepers, taking a good three hours from Oxford Street to Ilford.

Sadly, it would seem for many this is in fact their best chance of a good night's sleep.  A reality that I find particularly shocking and one that we might yet see in Oxford.   

However, further into the article, I was inspired by some creative thinking from Australia, where on the back of understanding quite rightly what a good night's sleep can do for a person's physical and mental health,   an entrepreneur who himself has experienced homelessness is now crowdfunding the conversion of buses to provide 22 individual sleeping pods, toilet facilities, lockers and chargers and even kennels for pets. 

Just being able to sleep through the night, warm and safe can give a person a whole new outlook on life.

So whilst not in anyway the solution it would seem to offer welcome shelter and all important protection.  https://www.facebook.com/sleepbusaustralia/