Some great tips here, all especially relevant given the focus on data that preparations for GDPR are quite rightly highlighting.

However, as an organisation that has always been keen to embrace the potential of digital and its ability to enhance our record keeping and data management more widely, it is great to read that we are not alone in our flag waving for a 'less is more' approach.

In particular, constant attention to provide:

1. consistency in what is considered the absolute minimum - making certain fields mandatory

2. adequate understanding and training to ensure standardisation in the how and why data is input

We often have an amnesty in the office that enables each of us to self identify any poor user practice of our own together with an 'in joke' that comes with the threat of the naughty step for anyone whose data input fails on either or both of the above two points.

We'd be interested to hear of other best practise in this area as we are well aware this is an area where there will always be an opportunity for continuous improvement.