So much of what Polly is saying on behalf of Shelter, resonates with my own personal experience and many will have often heard me cite similar on behalf of the Oxfordshire Community Foundation.  

So whilst Shelter are active at a National level and are solely focussed on homelessness and housing, OCF is about all the local places and communities across what is otherwise known as Oxfordshire.  However, I would suggest both organisations share a determination 'to empower and amplify the voice of anyone who wants to work alongside us, big or small.' 

The real importance of that message, is that now more than ever before there is a real urgency for us all to find ways to greater understanding and tolerance, to work together for Our Common Good and something bigger than ourselves.   

Transformation and systems change will only ever succeed when there is a shared and collective vision. I believe that organisations of all sorts and sizes not just those in the voluntary sector are needed to unlock the real power in our communities to create a fairer, greener and more compassionate society by reducing inequalities and improving social justice.