Can't wait for Tuesday ..?   Somehow a few months ago I must have accepted an offer to run a conference workshop to talk about how as an organisation, Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF) has always embraced technology and looked for benefits in going digital.

However, its seems honesty and humility are needed here as I know OCF is definitely not unique and the thing about being a pioneer whether for 360giving, The Good Exchange or BreatheHR is there will always be newer and better alternatives and other pioneers coming along. Such is the pace and rate of change.

So for anyone expecting a magic pill on what they should be doing regards Digital, I feel my Digital Forum must carry a health warning and why I've co opted Steven from Essex CF as my minder and partner in crime.  Only it seems there is safety in numbers and I am delighted that he and I share a similar take on what's really at stake here.

Put simply we believe it's our individual abilities and willingness to face up to the competition and embrace change that is coming up fast all around us.   There's no denying that this is difficult and often makes us feel uncomfortable.

We hate the idea that holes are appearing in our ‘invisibility cloaks’ perhaps because this exposes how complacent we have become but in reality we know that we can probably only expect our cloak to protect us for a short while more.

How do feel about our competitors?  Are there any role models that inspire us all? Who do we follow, can we name them, do we see them as relevant?

So rather than a peacock show and tell workshop session, the intention is use the time to create the headspace to explore and discuss ideas that have the potential to reboot our own mindsets about what we want to stand for and our community foundations to be recognised for.

In the words of Darwin I believe success lies in our commitment to adapt and evolve...