In a note to my trustees today I mentioned we could do with  a large dose of ambition and confidence as we embark on what we see as our role to change systems.  So it was heartening to read this Third Sector article over breakfast as it certainly resonated with what we are trying to achieve here at Oxfordshire Community Foundation.

Collaboration was also the theme coming out of an event I attended last night where it was acknowledged there is definitely a need to pool resources, join up the dots and enable whole communities to come together and find solutions to the social problems we face.

So I was delighted to seize the opportunity and to share my excitement about Growing Minds our soon to launch project that plans to improve school readiness and close the gap in educational inequality.   By pioneering a cross sector partnership involving voluntary, public and private organisations we hope to evidence how collaborative investment combined with philanthropic funding can multiply impact on the lives of the youngest children in our communities.